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California's Plumas National Forest Environmental Impact Study accepting comments through December 10, 2018. Learn More

The Chugach National Forest (CNF) seeks public comment on the latest Forest Plan revision by November 1, 2018

The Chugach National Forest (CNF) is seeking public comment on the latest Forest Plan revision that will guide management direction on the Chugach NF for the next 10-15 years.

DEADLINE TO COMMENT IS NOVEMER 1ST. Please take 10-15 minutes (RIGHT NOW) to educate yourself and submit your unique comments based on the bullet points below. Include your PERSONAL EXPERIECES RECREATING on the Chugach National Forest.

  • In your own words, discuss specifically when/where/how/how often you use the forest including specific areas/zones that you would like to see opened to motorized use like Center Creek, Mills creek, etc. Include commentary around the economic impact of your recreating in the Chugach. Mention other ways you use the forest like hiking, biking, fishing, hunting, etc.

  • You are strongly opposed to losing any more acres of snowmachine terrain on the Kenai Peninsula. Therefore Alternatives C and D are unacceptable. An increase in backcountry recreation, quieter, more fuel efficient snowmobiles and inconsistent snow at lower elevations are all reasons we need to maintain what riding areas we have today and for future generations. Discuss in your own verbiage the importance of motorized access corridors like 20 Mile or South Fork of Snow River and their use of a forest management tool.

  • As it pertains to safety and rescue, our trails serve as emergency access routes for first responders to any motorized or non-motorized incident.

  • Warmer winters in Alaska are affecting user access. The EIS/Forest plan do not bring solutions forward to address this issue. For example, Lost Lake often is closed to motorized use when there is more than adequate snow cover 500’ up the trail.

  • You don’t think it appropriate to recommend additional acres (beyond the 1.4M acres recommended in 2002) suitable for Wilderness designation in this Forest plan. Any further acres designated as “Wilderness” will limit winter recreation opportunities and displace motorized users.

Submit your comments at https://cara.ecosystem-management.org

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