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Events & Fundraisers

Snowmobile Day

October 28, 2023

Snowmobile Day is a day to celebrate the snowmobiling community and begin preparations for the upcoming season. Snowmobile clubs, local dealers, associations, and snowmobile groups are invited to participate.
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International Snowmobile Safety Week

January 13-21-2024

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ACSA Trails Region Ride

February 1-4, 2024
Wabeno, WI
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Take a Friend Snowmobiling Campaign

February 10-19, 2024
U.S. and Canada
Take a Friend Snowmobiling Campaign is all about introducing non-snowmobilers to our winter recreation of choice.
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ACSA Mountain Riding Summit

February 22-25, 2024
West Yellowstone, MT
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The 56th International Snowmobile Congress

June 12-15, 2024
Green Bay, Wisconsin
ISC will be hosted at the Radisson Hotel and Conference Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin. More information

ACSA Calendar Raffle Winners

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August 2023 winners
(drawn first week of September)

Mark KuennenIA1st prize: $50
Delaney BetrandWI1st prize: $50
Penelope PaulWA1st prize: $50
Mark StephensWI1st prize: $50
Dan LongIL2nd prize: $20
Whittlesey Whizzers Snowmobile Club WI2nd prize: $20
Henry BrownNE2nd prize: $20
Tomorrow River Riders WI2nd prize: $20
Scott HerzogMT2nd prize: $20
Anthony CaselliIL2nd prize: $20
Barbara BlackPA2nd prize: $20
Linda ReaMI2nd prize: $20
Jeff WagnerWA2nd prize: $20
Willa BrownNE2nd prize: $20
Thomas BrownWI2nd prize: $20
Mike WellingMN2nd prize: $20
Jack IrwinNE2nd prize: $20
Rex DoornbosWY2nd prize: $20
Ted WalmerWI2nd prize: $20
Tuff AlolonSD2nd prize: $20
Patrick ThocherMI2nd prize: $20
Kathy StrongWA2nd prize: $20
Andy MaleckiWI2nd prize: $20
Kendall KelseyMI2nd prize: $20
Randy JacksonOH2nd prize: $20
Richard LudlowIN2nd prize: $20
John DulinPA2nd prize: $20
Steven DiseMI2nd prize: $20
Romas ThompsonIL2nd prize: $20
DJ KnutsonSD2nd prize: $20
David KarlsMI2nd prize: $20

2023 ACSA Calendar Calendar Raffle

ACSA Raffle Calendar For only a $20 donation to ACSA, the 2023 calendar offers you 365 chances to win—over $14,500 in prizes!

Only 3,000 calendars printed.
Name of winner is returned to be part of the next drawing and all subsequent drawings.
Cash prizes will be awarded by check.
Winners need not be present
Prizes will be mailed promptly.
*Drawing Times are between 1:00–2:00pm
Location: 11119 Bishop Hwy., Lansing, MI 48911

Drawing Dates
  • February 1 (January winners) 1st Prize: $300; 2nd Prize: $200; 3rd Prize: (4 winners) $40; 4th Prize: (25 winners) $20
  • March 1 (February Winners) 1st Prize: $300; 2nd Prize: (3 winners) $40; 3rd Prize: (24 winners) $20
  • April 1 (March winners) 1st Prize: $300; 2nd Prize: (4 winners) $40; 3rd Prize: (26 winners) $20
  • May 2 (April winners) 1st Prize: $300; 2nd Prize: $200; 3rd Prize: (3 winners) $40; 4th Prize: (25 winners) $20
  • June 1 (May winners) 1st Prize: $300; 2nd Prize: $200; 3rd Prize; (3 winners) $40; 4th Prize: (26 winners) $20
  • July 1 (June winners) 1st Prize: Klim Jacket valued at $250; 2nd Prize: (3 winners) $40; 3rd Prize: (26 winners) $20
  • August 1 (July winners) 1st Prize: $300; 2nd Prize: (5 winners) $40; 3rd Prize: (25 winners) $20
  • September 1 (August winners) 1st Prize: (4 winners) $50; 2nd Prize: (27 winners) $20
  • October 3 (September winners) 1st Prize: $300; 2nd Prize: (5 winners) $40; 3rd Prize: (24 winners) $20
  • November 1 (October winners) 1st Prize: $3000; 2nd Prize: (5 winners) $40; 3rd Prize: (25 winners) $20
  • December 1 (November winners) 1st Prize: $300; 2nd Prize: (4 winners) $40; 3rd Prize: (25 winners) $20
  • December 15 (December winners) 1st Prize: $300; 2nd Prize: (4 winners) $40; 3rd Prize: (26 winners) $20
For information about ACSA or this raffle, e-mail info@snowmobilers.org or call 517-351-4362.
Raffle license # C30574

Bill Townsend Memorial Access Scholarship

Bill Townsend worked tirelessly to promote snowmobiling and to keep access for snowmobiling open across the West. This scholarship is given in memory of Bill’s many efforts with the goal of helping prepare the next generation of leaders and land managers to work for continued snowmobiling access across the United States.

About ACSA

ACSA is a national organization uniting the snowmobile community and promoting snowmobiling as a safe, fun and environmentally friendly family sport.


Snowmobiling is enjoyed by millions and must be represented by a strong national organization. ACSA is that organization. Join ACSA today to help us in our mission to promote snowmobiling.

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