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Events & Fundraisers

Big East Snow Show

October 1-3, 2021

Milwaukee Snow Show

October 15-17, 2021

Washington State Snowmobile Show Puyallup State Fairgrounds

October 16-17, 2021

AWSC Fall Meeting

October 22-24, 2021

Wilderness Resort, Wisconsin Dells

MnUSA Fall Workshop, Fairmont, MN www.myblizzardclub.com

October 22-24, 2021

Sled Season International Kickoff

October 29 – 30, 2021

For more information, please visit www.gosnowmobiling.org/kickoff

SDSA Convention

November 5-7, 2021
SDSA Convention Mitchell, SD

Illinois Fall Conventtion

November 5-7, 2021
Joliet, IL

Novi Snow Show

November 5-7, 2021
Novi, Mich.

Iowa State Convention

November 12-14, 2021

Quality Inn in Ames

International Snowmobile Safety Week

January 15-23, 2022

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Take a Friend Snowmobiling Campaign

February 12-21, 2022
U.S. and Canada
Take a Friend Snowmobiling Campaign is all about introducing non-snowmobilers to our winter recreation of choice.
Download campaign manual

The 54th International Snowmobile Congress

June 8-11, 2022
Dubuque, Iowa
ISC will be hosted at the Grand Harbor in Dubuque, Iowa. For more information, visit www.snowmobilers.org/isc.

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ACSA Calendar Raffle Winners

View previous winners 

August 2021 winners
(drawn first week of September)

Chelsea ZieglerWI1st prize: $50
Mark BooherMI1st prize: $50
Corinne SteavensWA1st prize: $50
Nelson BarreraIL1st prize: $50
Jordan HundermanMI2nd prize: $20
Mike RiethPA2nd prize: $20
Damian SonleyWI2nd prize: $20
Theresa BisqueMI2nd prize: $20
Luke YoungbergOR2nd prize: $20
Samantha BussIA2nd prize: $20
Darwin JaegerWI2nd prize: $20
Julia MitchellWI2nd prize: $20
Michael PositanoMI2nd prize: $20
Lee BuffenmyerPA2nd prize: $20
Joe PhillipsWI2nd prize: $20
David LowMI2nd prize: $20
Leon PoulsenWY2nd prize: $20
Christopher LeachWI2nd prize: $20
Dorothy GysinMI2nd prize: $20
Mike BliefernichWI2nd prize: $20
Ted RichieMI2nd prize: $20
Dwain StadieIL2nd prize: $20
Jay WrightMI2nd prize: $20
Kurt WannMN2nd prize: $20
Jim DickieMI2nd prize: $20
Nick ReznicekNE2nd prize: $20
Bernie SchneiderWI2nd prize: $20
Mike Holford, JrMI2nd prize: $20
David DohmsWI2nd prize: $20
Greg BalesOR2nd prize: $20
Daniel KaleppWI2nd prize: $20

2021 ACSA Calendar Calendar Raffle

Mid-year price cut!
Only $10 donation for your chance to win!

We have cut the price in half to just $10! There are still plenty of chances to win great prizes!

Name of winner is returned to be part of the next drawing and all subsequent drawings.
Cash prizes will be awarded by check.
Winners need not be present
Prizes will be mailed promptly.

Calendar Raffle

Drawing Dates
  • February 1 (January winners) 1st Prize: $300; 2nd Prize: $200; 3rd Prize: (4 winners) $40; 4th Prize: (25 winners) $20
  • March 1 (February Winners) 1st Prize: $300; 2nd Prize: (3 winners) $40; 3rd Prize (24 winners) $20
  • April 1 (March winners) 1st Prize: $300; 2nd Prize: (4 winners) $40; 3rd Prize (26 winners) $20
  • May 3 (April winners) 1st Prize: $300; 2nd Prize: $200; 3rd Prize: (3 winners) $40; 4th Prize: (25 winners) $20
  • June 1 (May winners) 1st Prize: $300; 2nd Prize: $200; 3rd Prize: (3 winners) $40; 4th Prize: (26 winners) $20
  • July 1 (June winners) 1st Prize: Klim Jacket valued at $250; 2nd Prize: (3 winners) $40; 3rd Prize: (26 winners) $20
  • August 2 (July winners) 1st Prize: $300; 2nd Prize: (5 winners) $40; 3rd Prize: (25 winners) $20
  • September 1 (August winners) 1st Prize: (4 winners) $50; 2nd Prize: Prize (27 winners) $20
  • October 1 (September winners) 1st Prize: $300; 2nd Prize: (5 winners) $40; 3rd Prize: (24 winners) $20
  • November 1 (October winners) 1st Prize: $3000; 2nd Prize: (5 winners) $40; 3rd Prize: (25 winners) $20
  • December 1 (November winners) 1st Prize: $300; 2nd Prize: (4 winners) $40; 3rd Prize: (25 winners) $20
  • December 15 (December winners) 1st Prize: $300; 2nd Prize: (4 winners) 40; 3rd Prize: (26 winners) $20
For information about ACSA or this raffle, e-mail info@snowmobilers.org or call 517-351-4362.
Raffle license # C29686

Bill Townsend Memorial Access Scholarship

Bill Townsend worked tirelessly to promote snowmobiling and to keep access for snowmobiling open across the West. This scholarship is given in memory of Bill’s many efforts with the goal of helping prepare the next generation of leaders and land managers to work for continued snowmobiling access across the United States.

About ACSA

ACSA is a national organization uniting the snowmobile community and promoting snowmobiling as a safe, fun and environmentally friendly family sport.


Snowmobiling is enjoyed by millions and must be represented by a strong national organization. ACSA is that organization. Join ACSA today to help us in our mission to promote snowmobiling.

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It’s never been easier! Write your representative and let them know it’s important to protect public trail funding and other important issues.


It has never been more critical to support organized snowmobiling! Become a friend of ACSA by donating a tax-deductible amount and help keep public lands open.

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