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Friends of ACSA

It has never been more critical to support organized snowmobiling.
We need your help to keep public lands OPEN!

Reasons to Become a Friend of ACSA

  1. ACSA serves as a National Watchdog Organization that monitors and acts on Snowmobile issues across the Snowbelt.
  2. ACSA establishes relationships with other user groups with similar concerns and challenges.
  3. ACSA serves as a clearing house for members to access information critical in addressing their local issues.
  4. ACSA provides continuing educational information that aids local clubs and associations in their decision making process.
  5. ACSA provides a common, collective voice in defending public land access, Federal Regulations, local challenges, snowmobile safety issues, and promoting snowmobiling as a family sport.

Honor Roll—Legal Action Fund Contributions

$5,000 +

  • Minnesota United Snowmobilers Association
  • Washington State Snowmobile Association
  • International Snowmobile Council

$4,000 +

  • South Dakota Snowmobile Association

$3,000 +

  • Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Associations

$1,000 +

  • Gail Knutson Memorial, MN
  • Bob and Judy King, Iowa
  • Iron Dog Brigade
  • Day County Trail Blazers, South Dakota
  • Driftbusters Snowmobile Club, South Dakota
  • Trailbusters Snowmobile Club, South Dakota
  • Dakota Trail Blazers, South Dakota
  • Kyle Prodoehl, South Dakota
  • Curt and Lynne Kennedy, Utah

$500 +

  • Terry Peak Snowblazers, South Dakota
  • LaCapitale Assurances
  • Eastern Iowa Sledheads
  • CCSO - Canada
  • Town and Country Snowdrifters, South Dakota
  • Yellowstone Arctic/Yamaha, Montana
  • Three Bear Lodge & Restaurant, Montana
  • Whetstone Valley Snowmobile Assoc., South Dakota
  • Millstone Family Restaurant, South Dakota
  • Jim Valley Snowmobile Club, South Dakota
  • Sioux Falls Snow-Trackers, South Dakota
  • V & V Insurance, Iowa


  • North Iowa Sno-Jammers
  • Saskatchewan Snowmobile Club
  • McKean Snowriders, Pennsylvania
  • Marienville Trail Riders, Pennsylvania
  • Mark and Ellen Hazzard, Illinois
  • Lori Heideman, Wisconsin
  • Dan Blaney, Indiana
  • BC Snowmobile Federation, British Columbia
  • Northeast Trailblazers, South Dakota
  • Dakota Drifters Snowmobile club, South Dakota
  • Kim Raap, South Dakota
  • Greg and Diane Hiles, South Dakota
  • Brenda and David Newman, Wisconsin
  • Randy and Debbie Miller, Colorado
  • June Erickson, South Dakota
  • Ken Fielder, South Dakota
  • Duane Sutton, South Dakota
  • Travis and Lisa Watkins, South Dakota
  • Oregon State Snowmobile Association

$50 - $100

  • MnUSA Region 5
  • Wayne/Florence Mohler, Washington
  • Snow Drifters of Hamilton, IN
  • Town & Country Snowdrifters, SD
  • St. Germain Bo-Boen Snowmobile Club, WI
  • Dutch Trail Cutters Snowmobile Club, PA
  • Warren County Snowmobile Club
  • Pigeon Hills Snowmobile Club
  • Dan Long
  • SnoSkimmers, Iowa
  • Sakatah Trail Sno-Cruisers, Minnesota
  • Associated Snowmobile Club of Eau Claire, Wisconsin
  • Heart of the North Snowmobile Council, Michigan
  • Larry Shepherd, Minnesota
  • Gary Vosburg, Nevada
  • Tim Larsen, Iowa
  • Kip and Kristi Wagner, South Dakota
  • Heppers Sport center, South Dakota
  • Nathan and Marietta Lakness, South Dakota
  • Mike and Vicki Thelen, Minnesota
  • Paul and Diana Theisen, Minnesota
  • Kevin Fielder, South Dakota
  • Ken and Melodie Decker, South Dakota
  • Kendall Brown, South Dakota
  • Rodney Brandenburger, South Dakota
  • Richard and Kerry Fish, South Dakota
  • Greg and Bonita Albrecht, South Dakota
  • Stampede Summit Seekers, Washington
  • Blizzard Snowmobile club, Minnesota
  • Michael and Debra Levey
  • Sabers Agency, South Dakota
  • Steven and Coralette Thompson, South Dakota
  • Hyland Riley, South Dakota
  • Larry Motsick, South Dakota
  • Bob Nesseim, South Dakota
  • Kevin and Marie Steckelberg, South Dakota
  • Bruce and Cherie Hintz, South Dakota
  • Edward Kistler, South Dakota
  • Joe Dobbs, South Dakota
  • Kevin and Marie Vosburg, South Dakota
  • Glens Sport Center, Iowa
  • Jerry and Nancy Hanon, Minnesota
  • Jason and Kim Howell, Montana
  • Karl and Kim Herman, Iowa
  • Bob and Kathy Kirchner, Pennsylvania
  • Dave and Joann Smith, Wisconsin
  • Scott and Mary Herzog, Montana
  • Stan and Kate Stutheit, Nebraska
  • Sandra Mitchell, Idaho
  • Jay and Sue Meldrum, Michigan
  • Kirk Polhill, Illinois
  • Gail and Marlys Knutson, Minnesota
  • Marty and MaryAnne Grabow, South Dakota
  • Jim and Becky Willey, Iowa
  • Dick Melick Iowa
  • Gary and Kathy Burger, Iowa
  • Todd and Jean Wilkinson, South Dakota
  • Dave and Sally Carmichael, Iowa
  • Jim Duke, Michigan
  • Harold and Vanda Johnson, Idaho
  • Wayne and Florence Mohler, Washington
  • Mark Steinmuller, Minnesota
  • David Low, Michigan
  • Jane Austin, Illinois
  • Kay Lloyd, Washington
  • Ed Klim, Michigan
  • Dennis Zoet, Michigan
  • Karen Ball, Michigan
  • International Engineering & Mfg., Michigan
  • Sue Giese, Ililnois
  • Jeff Kracl, Nebraska
  • Sandy Sternod, Washington
  • Terry Durby, Iowa
  • Liz Krug, Pennsylvania
  • Bill Brown, Illinois
  • Doug Johnson, Wisconsin
  • Bill Manson, Michigan
  • Don Wing, Michigan
  • Jim Dickie, Michigan
  • Donna White, Wisconsin

$50 and Below

  • David/Laurie Lorence, Minnesota
  • Sandy Lyons, Illinois

About ACSA

ACSA is a national organization uniting the snowmobile community and promoting snowmobiling as a safe, fun and environmentally friendly family sport.


Snowmobiling is enjoyed by millions and must be represented by a strong national organization. ACSA is that organization. Join ACSA today to help us in our mission to promote snowmobiling.

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It has never been more critical to support organized snowmobiling! Become a friend of ACSA by donating a tax-deductible amount and help keep public lands open.

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