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Snowmobile Organizations

International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association (ISMA)

An organization representing the four snowmobile manufacturers, Arctic Cat, Ski-Doo/Bombardier Recreational Products(BRP), Polaris and Yamaha. Created in 1995 as a restructuring of the International Snowmobile Industry Association, which was dissolved and recreated as ISMA with strong partnerships with Canadian Council of Snowmobiler Organizations/Council Canadian Des Organisms de Motoneige (CCSO/CCOM) and American Council of Snowmobile Associations (ACSA). ISMA's main function is to provide and encourage policies, programs and activities to improve the sport of snowmobiling throughout the world. ISMA coordinates committees within the industry to handle concerns such as snowmobile safety, the promotion of the sport of snowmobiling, keeping accurate statistics, reporting the growth of the industry and positive economic impact the sport has throughout the world.
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1640 Haslett Road, Suite 170
Haslett, MI 48840
P: 517-339-7788/F: 517-339-7798

American Council of Snowmobile Associations (ACSA)

A non-profit national (U.S.) association dedicated to providing leadership and advancing the efforts of all snowmobile-affiliated organizations to promote the expansion and education of responsible snowmobiling in the United States. Acts as national coordinator and spokesperson for state volunteer snowmobile associations and snowmobile clubs. ACSA was formed in 1995.
Contact Information
P.O. Box 1670
Brighton, MI 48116
P: 517-351-4362

Canadian Council Of Snowmobile Organizations/Council Canadian Des Organisms De Motoneige (CCSO/CCOM)

A non-profit federation of snowmobiling organizations located within Canada, dedicated to providing leadership and support to organized snowmobiling in the country. Designed to facilitate effective communication and cooperation among snowmobile organizations, government(s) and industry; unite snowmobilers in Canada to pursue common goals; promote the opportunity to snowmobile in Canada; and to promote safe and environmentally responsible snowmobiling. The CCSO/CCOM was formed in 1974.
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International Association of Snowmobile Administrators (IASA)

Government employees and paid administrators who coordinate government action pertaining to the snowmobile industry and in particular, manage the safety training programs and the trail systems within the states and provinces.
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National Snowmobile Foundation (NSF)

A 501C3 foundation designed to educate the public about safe snowmobiling and assist snowmobile organizations with fundraising for charity.
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Snowmobile Safety and Certification Committee (SSCC)

SSCC was formed in 1974. The organization is responsible for the safety certification standards for new snowmobiles manufactured. The members work with 3rd party inspection agencies and engineering groups.

International Snowmobile Council (ISC)

ISC was formed in 1973 and is designed to provide a communication forum and a means of addressing issues that are common from an international perspective. Delegates from ACSA and CCSO/CCOM form the ISC.

International Snowmobile Congress

A four-day event held annually (early June) in North America. All snowmobile representation groups meet, exchange information and address issues and concerns common to the industry.
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International Snowmobile Media Council (ISMC)

ISMC is an organization of media personnel from within the snowmobile industry. They meet at least twice a year and exchange ideas on the snowmobile industry.
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International Snowmobile Tourism Council (ISTC)

ISTC is an organization of tourism bureau representatives from the states, provinces and territories. They meet at least once a year at the International Snowmobile Congress to discuss the importance of the industry to tourism and how they can work cooperatively to expand and promote snowmobiling within the tourism industry.

About ACSA

ACSA is a national organization uniting the snowmobile community and promoting snowmobiling as a safe, fun and environmentally friendly family sport.


Snowmobiling is enjoyed by millions and must be represented by a strong national organization. ACSA is that organization. Join ACSA today to help us in our mission to promote snowmobiling.

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