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Taking Advantage of Your Non Profit Status

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Leaving Footprints with Social Media

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Doing Your Legwork to be Ready for Public Lands Access Challenges

Download this 2013 "Trails Work Consulting" presentation
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Recruiting Youth in Your Club

View to this "Mentoring: Getting Younger People Involved" webinar

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Download this 2013 "Recruiting and Involving Youth In Your Club" Presentation by the Association of WI Snowmobile Clubs Youth Members

Keeping Snowmobile Access in Today's World

Download this 2013 "Trails Work Consulting" presentation

The Social Media Revolution

Implications for Associations, Keynote Address by Lee Aase
Implications for Associations, Breakout Session by Lee Aase

Website Optimization

Improving the Odds Your Visitors Will Do What You Want Them To
  • Evaluation Of Atv Use On Groomed Snowmobile Trails: Part 1 - Summary Of Findings and Management Practices
  • Evaluation Of Atv Use On Groomed Snowmobile Trails-Part 2: Appendixes A - D

    Renting Snowmobiles Successfully - A Guide to Best Business Practices

    Women Snowmobiling Summary
    Complete Guide

    Trail Funding

    Federal Transportation Funds for Snowmobile Trails
    Grant Funding for Snowmobile Clubs and Associations

    International Snowmobile Congress

    ISC 2016: ISMA Updates

    As part of the International Snowmobile Congress (ISC) 2016, Ed Klim, President, International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association (ISMA), presented updates regarding snowmobile industry trends and issues.

    ISC 2016: “The Leadership Journey”

    As part of the International Snowmobile Congress (ISC) 2016, Dee Dee Raap presents “The Leadership Journey” to inspire and challenge club and association growth.

    ISC 2016: “The Leadership Journey III"

    As part of the International Snowmobile Congress (ISC) 2016, Dee Dee Raap presents “The Leadership Journey III: Creating a Great Future for Snowmobiling” to help wrap up the conference and tie other workshops from the week together.

    ISC 2016: Snowmobiler youth involvement discussion

    As part of the International Snowmobile Congress (ISC) 2016, Dee Dee Raap interviews young snowmobilers regarding youth involvement.
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